thank god for salvation

i went to the salvation army for 2 seconds today and managed to not only find a pair of t-strap heels in my size, but i also got a coach purse, a pair of 70s sandals for the store, and a sweet little 70s house dress too! last time i went in i didn't get anything, which is a rarity for me as usually i leave with at least $20 worth of stuff to sell or to keep, but today was like gold. thrifting gods smile down upon me, i am not worthy...

it's long weekend (woot!) so tonight i'm going to attempt to make myself a pair of high-waisted beach shorts with this new blue fabric i got at a tag sale today. i'm pretty much a noob at sewing; i've made five or so simple skirts and one not-so-successful pair of shorts before, and never on my own. i'm crossing my fingers that i remember how to sew with my other, clunkier machine! please please don't let me screw it up, haha

all photos: salvation army luckiness!


  1. I want to go thrift shopping in CT!!! You really find amazing things . . . those first sandals and that purse are wonderful!

  2. thanks so much! if you're ever up here i'd totally show you around, there's lots of unexplored thrifting territory out here, haha