my lucky stars

some days i plan on going thrifting and have a plan of what i really want to find, and will visit all the shops yet come up empty handed, and then there are days that i just stop into one shop not hoping for anything and i find a truckload worth of stuff i never knewi needed! (haha, my room is a junkyard, it's becoming embarrassing)

yesterday was one of those days. i got home early from school and stopped at one of the little stores that i usually find fabrics at and what do you know, i left with a treasure trove, all for $5! sometimes i really do have great luck :)

and to top it all off, my aunt gave me a bag full of vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses that are amazing! thanks so much aunt annette, i can already picture hot summer days at the river with these puppies.

my polaroid camera collection is growing, now i have 7! and it it absolutely astonishing that these strap-on rollerblades actually fit me! the bowling bag came with the shoes, which don't fit me but i can sell i suppose, and the timer is pretty cool.
your friend,
the bandit


  1. Vivo i love you! I want you to know that I'm reading your stuff and loving it! I love the pictures so keep them coming! As you know, I would LOVE to buy any clothes you make. You're so talented! Did you ever end up doing a photoshoot for you clothes? I never took you to the place i wanted. lol. im free tomorrow hahaha. I LOVE YOU!

  2. haha, aww thanks lovely! i never did get to shoot anything, but i'm producing a lot so hopefully tht can make up for it somewhat, lol
    gahhh i realllllllly want to go to this place!i have family junk today though :( what about the week after graduation? loves <3