slanted sunlight

after several days spent inside (due to the crummy weather and subsequent crummy feeling/ wish to do nothing but stay in and browse the internet) the sun has come out! granted, it's nearly night time, but here's a quick post of all the stuff i got at the salvation army today so i can go outside and enjoy the sun!

*sparkly cat-eye glasses (these are actually from my aunt, not salvation army. she found another pair when she rifled through her basement and since she gave me that other lot of old glasses she sent them on to me! thank you aunt annette!)

*wicked cut-out 80's boots. not sure if i'll keep these for myself or not yet, i have issues stepping out of the house in anything but flip flops these days. one boot needs a new cap, but otherwise they are great! i sense a madonna moment in these, lol
80's white cut-out boots: salvation army

*a sweet pink gingham and white lace peter-pan collared blouse. i usually shun anything pink but the collar was too good to leave; plus i never find any blouses at salvation army (i don't know why, there are literally racks full, they just are never appealing to me)
pink gingham peter-pan collared blouse: salvation army
*a handmade dress, with the sweetest little floral print (that you can't really see in the pic...oops) this one is huge on me, but i think i'm going to alter it quite a bit; the patterned fabric was too good to leave behind
handmade floral dress: salvation army
*the shape of this dress is great, it reminded me of 1940's house dresses (although i'm pretty sure it's from the 80's) it looks much better on, for some reason my camera is making everything look a bit grey
*another gingham print find, this dress is perfect for a sunny day picking flowers! or for a dorothy-inspired photo shoot, which is totally happening, btw! haha. it also happens to match a table cloth i have, which is too funny not to photograph ;)
blue gingham dress: salvation army

well, that's it for today, i'm out of here before the sun goes down! oh, i just got my graduation present from my dad; a baby blue folding beach cruiser style bicycle!!! it is fantastic, although i have to relearn how to ride since i'm so used to my mom's old banana seat bike, which is way too small for me. pictures of me and my bike in the countryside (aka the only dirt road left in my town, where i happen to live, love it) soon to come!


  1. wow, you have such great thrift mojo! the blue gingham dress is my favorite i think :D

    just wanted to also let you know i'm hosting a giveaway if you're into that sort of thing =^.^=!

  2. haha, thanks :)
    possibly because the salvation army i raid only has people looking for sensible work clothes and weird wall hangings, lol

    cool, i'll definitely check it out!