that 70s wardrobe

i used to agree with the majority of people about the clothing from the 70s
high waisted or bell bottom jeans? not a chance with me
acid colors and platform shoes? not so much
but now, i've definitely warmed up to this era of supposed "fashion follies", and have collected some of my favorite vintage pieces from this era (as well as some zany ones, but they are are interesting to look at!)
there is so much more, but these are the finds from the 70s that i found this week!
*70s psychedelic print romper. it almost seems like a tennis outfit, with the little shorts under the pleated skirt; imagine playing tennis in one of these! i have an old suitcase that is nearly identical in print to this, and i know most people think this represents the worst of the 70s, but i can't help but love it
the hem is falling down, as you can see, but that's an easy fix
romper: salvation army *this is a cotton fabric, so it isn't too heavy, and the colors seem great for fall. it buttons all the way down and has a peter pan collar to boot
shirtdress: salvation army *i spotted this girl and her awesome pair of vintage high waisted jeans and i just had to get a pic! i've been on the lookout for a pair of my own, and she said these were a lucky find in a boston shop. i love how easy this looks to put on in the morning and look put-together
i scoured the salvation army for anything remotely similar and found an old deadstock pair of high waisted bells that i'm almost sure are 70s, judging by the tags and the orange contrast stitching/leather details. that were from sears for "male teens", haha. vintage high waisted bell bottoms: salvation army (originally sears)

and a 70s post can't be complete without an outdoor music festival! "the gathering of the vibes" is at the end of july in bridgeport, ct for those who are in the area/interesting in hippies, and i'll totally be there! as for clothes, i'm still on the lookout for the perfect pair of 70s jeans, and also a pair of wooden platforms! but for now i can be content with what i have :)

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