through the looking glass

as promised, here's a little photo representation of the wonderful hats i found in gettysburg!
first off, a velvet and black net one that i adore! a bit funereal but in a good way
then there's this sweet off white headband type one, with chiffon flowers and a caged top. totally cool
then there's this plastic flower headband with net, also pretty cool! and all of these were less than $4 each!
and last but not least...a boater hat!
i know i'm super late on this bandwagon, but i've FINALLY acquired my own boater, and the best part is that it was handmade by the shop owner i bought it from and it was considerably cheaper than any vintage one i've come across! win win situation here.
in case you were wondering what i was wearing, here's a lopsided picture of the thrifted handmade dress, black belt, and putty t straps all from salvation army

p.s. don't these kinda look like a marc jacobs ad? i love poladroid, haha
and how does the new header look? better than the old one?


  1. oh, i absolutely love all of your hats! i really need to find myself at least one i think :) i also wanted to tell you what great taste you have in perfume! i haven't been able to get my hands on miss dior cherie yet. i'm thinking of making a post dedicated to scents, i'm a bit obsessed haha ;D

  2. thanks! definitely check out random little thrift stores with lots of old ladies, that's where mine came from :)
    i own an awful lot of perfume, i've been spending my allowance on it since i was 13! i also lovelovelove the daisy by marc jacobs, in case you haven't tried it out yet. it smells amazing and looks so pretty on my dresser!
    please do a post on scents, i'd love to read it!

  3. EEP! I love ALL of these hats! I have such a hat fetish... I'm totally drooling :D

  4. thanks, i usually hate hats because my head is a weird shape for them, but i love these!