in which a lazy girl wants to start something new

I've been feeling really tired lately, probably because of all the late nights I've been having. Now, before anyone starts to think I actually go out and stay up partying (ha!) it's because of late night TV and my younger brother's exam schedule )as I moonlight as his designated editor/paper correcter). Oh, the wild and crazy life of this American teenager...
Anyway, now that I'm feeling better, I thought I might as well start up a weekly posting thing, much like other bloggers have, in order to stick to a better blogging schedule. I feel that if I don't set a due date for myself, then I tend to let time get away from me, and I don't want to spend my whole summer without posting!
So, since I really wanted to create as much as possible during break, I thought I'd start up a weekly DIY post. Also, I have a feeling that these shoes are high on the list of things I want to create; who's up for DIY dyed sneakers? Someone find me that purple, please!

photo cred; SWNKDLLR
this lady and her knits! how freaking amazing would it be to make something like these!? I just discovered her blog and literally went through the archive, and found these shoes, which she hand dyed, and inspired me to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes!
(oh, and I'm so lazy that I haven't gotten around to putting batteries in my camera and photographing my recent finds, but I pinky swear I will this weekend!)

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  1. hiya im a new follower:)
    i just love your blog!
    its really cute
    i love that picture of all the pumps too
    belle xxxx