sweet disposition

On Saturday I took a short trip to the next town over to see if I could snag anything cool from the local church fair. Unfortunately, I got there just as it was closing, but I managed to take a few halfway decent outfit shots outside one of the many historic buildings. I'm lucky to live in an area rich in history and old, old buildings, and I hope to take advantage of that for my outfit shots in the coming months!

I'm wearing the dark rinse overalls and white peter pan collared blouse from my last post, leather belt from h&m, thrifted vintage coach bag, and old flats from J Crew. I hopped out of bed and threw this on to beat the humidity, and it worked fairly well. I'm on the lookout for long ones in a dark rinse, or maybe even white. I'd roll the hems and wear them all fall.

I also got to thrift a bit before picking my brother up from school on Friday, and here's all my finds!
A vintage dish drying rack which I'm converting into a basket for the back of my bike; it's perfect for holding books from the library, and thrift store shopping bags!

My first copy of The Little Prince; can you believe I've never read this book before? I sat in the car and read it through in one go. So pretty and sad, this might just be my favorite story yet. (the illustrations get me too)

This is one of my favorite finds yet. A tooled leather bag, with roses stamped into the leather. Also, I love that shade of leather, it reminds me of the natural colored Swedish Hasbeens.

A plain silk tank top in a neutral color, for tucking into jean shorts when it's too hot to think. I might just collect these.

Another (I know, I know, but I'm a sucker for all things soft and comfortable) plaid flannel, this time in blue.

Another piece that I can see becoming a warm weather staple; a perfect vintage blouse, airy and light, and the blue stitching kills me. I need more blue in my life.
Sorry for the funny faces, for some reason I can't keep a straight face when I'm being photographed! Let's hope the good weather is here to stay, because I also finally put up a hammock, and I plan on using it to loung about (as if I don't do enough of that already). Till next time :)


  1. oh I love the little prince, upon re-reading as an older person I was struck by the remarkable knowledge he has of how children think and how things impact on them, my old french tutor told me that authors (and she was one but her books were in French which I am pretty bad at) always remember what it is like to be a child...

    Also, the overalls are just adorable and that is such a pretty building, do you know when it was built? Never seen anything in that style where I live!

  2. Love that top you thrifted with the blue stitching!

  3. Looks lovely. Oh, and that Peter Pan blouse....too perfect!