take the tracks of time

Sorry for the silence, I've been a little bit caught up in end of the year festivities for my younger brother and haven't had much time to do much of interest! I did manage to pick up a summer read (and also managed to get through 3/4 of it by the time I got home from the bookstore) and I set up a hammock and actually spent an evening sitting in it, reading. Making progress on my summer '10 wishlist. So for now, at least until I get around to photographing some new things and some outfits, I thought I'd share some beautiful things bouncing around in my mind lately. This photo is from my new favorite blog. I'm such a sucker for each and every dreamy, beautiful photo I come across, and this seems to be the mother load. source: the hymn for the cigarettes.
I have a sadly persistent and unattainable daydream in which I fix up my aunt's old VW bus (impossible, as it is so rotten) and just drive across the country. It's a nice dream, though. This dress, from Allen Company vintage on Etsy, have me obsessed and started a frenzied search for off the shoulder Mexican dresses. So far nothing compares, and of course this dress is far too small for me to ever fit. Sadness! I also became obsessed with white crochet or lace dresses because of The Snail and the Cyclops. Wouldn't it be nice to look this put together, even in the heat? I love this photo, found off the Urban Outfitter's blog/flickr set, and really, really wish my hair would stay put like that. It's super long now, about to the small of my back, but impossibly thick and heavy. And refuses to hold anthing more than a braid. So it's not so great for piling on top of my head, and it barely stays put in a ponytail! Blessing and a curse, I suppose. Source: here.
I have a lot to share, I've been busy making and sewing (!) and buying and dreaming and reading and such. There's never enough time in a day!


  1. hello lovely! I'm enjoying the updates! I love the new clothes, and i'd PAY you to make me something!!!!!!!!
    I might be in Washington ct this weekend, and if i am i'll let you know surely!

  2. thanks lovely! haha, let me know what you'd want and we could work something out, maybe in exchange for a tour of nyc ;)
    please do, i really want to see you!

  3. I would kill for a top/ vest!!!! I'm dying for a jean vest but nothing chunky and with a bit of spunk. lol. I'd LOVE to have you visit me in nyc this fall. Let me know if you have a long weekend!

  4. haha, alright!
    draw me up an idea of how you'd like it to look, and the color too and i'll get working on it! ;)