i wish that i could stay outside, and linger with the fireflies

During my brother's last few days of school, I was able to persuade my mother to trade me a few things on my wishlist for a few days of my help, which entailed my undivided attention and editing skills on papers. After a few sleepless nights, my new things were shipped and sent! Thank you mom :)
As soon as the package from Urban Outfitters came (late! I was so mad!) I put on this dress and found a neighborhood barn to stand in front of. The dress is really nice, well made and a sweet light gray, but my only problem is that it's a little too short for me, and the arm holes are a bit large, which was mentioned in the reviews. I like it though, so I'll be keeping it! I also ordered these Jeffrey Campbell wooden heeled shoes (on sale for $60, half off regular price from ) which I've seen circulated around a few blogs, and I think these are my favorite shoes! (Besides my triple strap Chloe's, of course) As I've mentioned over and over again, I've been dying for a really high wooden platform, preferably vintage 70s, but I can never find any in my size or price range. These definitely did the trick! Now if I could only muster up enough courage to wear them in public...I definitely get some stares with these, and I'm not a person who likes to get noticed!
I also got this chambray romper and high waist swimsuit bottoms, both on sale at Urban. So great for summer!
Ok, got to run, it's time to take some of this stuff for a spin!


  1. i love all of your purchases
    those shoes, oh my i love them!
    that barn is so cute and quaint too
    belle xx

  2. What an adorable barn! Love those shoes!