the fourth of july

How was your fourth of July? Mine consisted of waking up very late, driving to the fringe of New York state and going to a little church flea market (even though it was overpriced), finding a dress and a necklace that I can't stop staring at (!cannotwaittoshowyou!), and eating too much at my Grandmother's house, followed by some fireworks. But I totally forgot to take photographs. Oops. Overall, it was a pretty great holiday, and I don't even like the fourth of July all that much. Halloween is still my favorite.
The three blouses up top were thrifted on three separate occasions, as were the basket and vintage leather cowboy boots below. The striped tank is from the 60s, the middle blouse is probably 40s/50s, and the floral and dot tank is likely 90s. The basket is holding all my projects at the moment, and I can't believe I thrifted boots that fit me, especially after I was going to cave and buy some off Etsy for way more than I paid for these ($8, had to brag about that one).
As soon as I get batteries for my camera I'll post the dress and necklace I found at the flea yesterday, as well as my little DIY post (I haven't forgotten!) and another sweet dress I got when I went with my friend Anna and her sister on a thrifting adventure a couple of weeks ago. There's so much to tell you!


  1. oh my i cant wait to see pictures of your new buys!
    those blouses are lovely and i am so jealous of your cheap boots
    i am most jealous of that basket!
    i want one to put on the front of my bike
    belle xx

  2. love the basket! And also, if you are so inclined, I tagged you to answer 8 questions...


  3. i love weekend flea markets and good finds! your blog is cute :]