the sweetest thing

Oh, how I let time escape me! While I spend my days dreaming up ideas and posts to share with you on this blog, I tend to forget to actually bring these posts into fruition! Shameful!
Well, here I am, alive and well. And I have an outfit post to share as well (though you must excuse the wet hair, I detest blow drying and always let it air dry.) I'm wearing vintage dead stock 70s clogs, old H&M belt, and I just bought this dress (which is much more pink in real life) from Forever 21, and have worn it consistently. New favorite dress! Now, if only I could whip up several more dresses like this, I'd be set! Speaking of sewing, I wanted to share the dress I made as a part of my senior project last year, in which I source vintage and thrifted materials and built a line of skirts as well as this single dress for me. It's also much more pink in real life, and shiny. The dress is really special because I worked on it with my Grandmother, who is the driving force behind my interest in dressmaking and sewing, as she was a dressmaker for Hattie Carnegie in New York before she was married! She is a really talented lady, and I'm proud to have her as a Grandmother. I really hope to make more dresses with her in the future, maybe more easy to wear pieces. This dress in particular is something I'd rather wear to a special occasion, so it hangs on my closet door waiting.
And finally, I wanted to show you the sweet cake stand type jar and base I thrifted a few weeks back, which now houses one of the little collections of things that make me happy in my room, including that amazing vintage beaded collar necklace I got at that funny little flea market I mentioned last post. Also pictured is the beautiful vintage 50s party dress I bought at that flea market, which I can hardly believe I was fortunate enough to find, and it fits! I think this dress is destined for the President's Ball (a glorified high school type gropefest) that my University hosts in September, although it may be a bit too...sophisticated...for such a thing. Well, I don't really care, as long as I get to wear this dress somewhere!

P.S. does the lighting and location of the dress shots do the objects justice? I was getting tired of the crazy colors photographing all my finds on grass gave me. I was hoping to set up an Etsy really, really soon, and lack space to photograph the goods. Hopefully this space will work!


  1. wow! that dress you made is simply stunning
    well done you
    so sweet that your grandmother helped too:)
    i love your outfit too, especially the clogs

  2. cute dresses, great job on the one you made especially : )