it began between bookshelves

I know I am terribly behind with updates, and I have a whole bunch of things to share about what I've been doing and getting and seeing, but I wanted to share wit you something I made from a while back, in December in fact, for my English final project. We were assigned a 7-8 page paper on anything we wanted to write about, either a creative piece or an essay, on the themes for the semester. I chose to write a story, and I bound it up in a little book and drew in illustrations to go with it. I was pretty pleased with how it came out, although the writing wasn't necessarily my best, and I thought you might want to take a look? Sorry the scans are shoddy, I didn't want to unsew the binding and lazily scanned it in. hopefully I'll get around to scanning the text in too, just to see what you think!
(p.s. I hand-stitched some of the details, like the stars in the cover, the hearts on the tights, and the girl's tears. Oh, and I borrowed the names Hannah and Landon because I love them so much! The story isn't a very happy one though, so I don't think it has much to do with with either of them)

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  1. Vivo! Glad to see you posting again! I love your drawings, and I would love to see more of the text! How is everything going? My spring break has been entirely work-filled. My whole family went to Mexico without me. I'm currently in the library, again, and well I was just thinking about all the people that I miss, and wish I could be spending time with.