has it really been this long?

I really need to get myself in gear and remember to post; I was entirely unaware that it has been an entire month since I last let you all know I am alive and well! Can you believe it? I made a promise to update more and I keep taking these extended breaks...I need to get myself together here!
Forgive me for the long silence, I just seem to forget that time flies so quickly! I have lots of new and exciting things to share over here, tons of thrifting and little trips and films I saw and future plans I made, but right now I actually have to get my ass in gear and write some reports for work that I have put off for nearly two weeks (!!!). You see, I am just a terrible procrastinator, someone should really yell at me daily to make sure I get everything done that needs to be.
I will make a tentative promise that I will post a large collection of the finds of the past month come next weekend, but if I don't then I guess yell at me? Send me hate mail? Wait a bit more?
I don't ask too much, do I? ;)

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