"but you are not even close / to being the field of cornflowers at dusk"

Back to school in the morning. Finally got around to completely hand-making something this summer; behold my new floral tank top. I traced a thrifted tank onto an old sheet, sewed it up, and added that teeny pocket for good measure. Not in love with it, as this truly is my first solo pattern-less project, but it will do for now.
Also, wanted to document just how long my hair has gotten in the past few months, and this is after a good two inches were lopped off last week. I'm seriously considering chopping off another 8 inches and going blond, but I'm scared of what could happen if I don't get the right colorist...so we'll see.

Meet my new leather backpack, leather boots, and thrifted 90s beauty book as well as not thrifted copy of The Selby. I've discovered Goodwill to be thrifted-leather gold; that backpack is just what I've wanted for a long time, and to get moto boots, brown ankle boots, and pointy toed Dingo's in one go? Magical. Also, both that 90s thrifted book and the Selby are awesome, the former for featuring Christina Ricci and Kirsten Dunst as teens, and the latter for providing much needed inspiration for dorm decor. Which will most definitely be interesting this year, and I promise to share once I'm settled in.


  1. well done you on making that shirt!
    the pocket is just a cute little detail
    loving your leahers too! i have been looking for a pair of tan boots like yours for such a long time. if i saw you wearing them i would def mug you
    i WISH WISH WISH there was a Goodwill in England, it always seems to be filled with amazing buys
    belle xxxx

  2. I am glad you are posting, I check this blog every few days hoping you will =)