a room of her own

Random rings that I've been wearing, from left: Octopus Me on etsy, forever 21, old American Eagle, estate sale. Below: new bowl and cup from Anthropologie and Starbucks, respectively. I figured that it's about time to show off my new digs, seeing as I'm finally all settled in and back into the swing of things. I had a clear plan in mind when I was getting ready to move in, and that really helped to streamline the process and helped me to get my space too look exactly how I wanted it to.
I knew that, although bigger than last year, my room was going to be relatively small. I also knew that I needed a comfortable living space, so I decided to loft my bed up high and bring in this vintage love seat from home. This has proven to be a great idea, because I'm much more comfortable working in my room now, and I actually utilize all the space that I am given.
As far as closet space goes, I didn't want to make the same mistake as last year of bringing too many clothes and getting frustrated with an imbalanced and overstuffed closet. So, along with a few new key pieces, I updated and simplified my wardrobe to only include those pieces that I knew could work week after week and still be able to change up. I'm working on forming a working wardrobe, and I think I'm much closer to that now.
I organized my desk so that I used the space efficiently, and as far as decorating my wall I took a whole bunch of photographs that I've saved to my pictures folder over the years and printed them out on heavy cream colored card stock. I used sticky tack to put them up, and voila! A cheap and completely unique wall space, which I'm pretty excited about. I think that my wall is my favorite part of the room, because every day I can look at photographs that inspire me artistically and stylistically. I'm really excited to get this year going!

credits: None of the photographs pictured on my wall are mine, they are from many different sources including Etsy, Sarah McNeil, Deerlings.blogspot.com, fashion editorials, and unknown sources. The Polaroids are a set of note cards from Urban Outfitters.

So, how do you decorate your space?


  1. Just ran across your blog for the first time today! Love it!

    I really like your inspiration wall, and the love seat under the bed looks so cozy and inviting.

    I had to move back in with my parents after college, and I have way too much stuff for the one room I'm in. Lots of books and fabric and art supplies and baskets and little things from antique stores...

  2. That is about the neatest dorm room I have ever seen. My boyfriend & I are staying with friends right now, so only our room is decorated in our style http://www.flickr.com/photos/weasel_lobotomy/sets/72157624724602197/ but we have done some wild decorating in the past http://www.flickr.com/photos/weasel_lobotomy/collections/72157604133534472/

  3. Your room is cute as! I love your wall with the pictures, so inspiring! I have been wanting to put bunting all over my walls with vintage paper in the triangles! And a shelf with my old camera collection. hope you have a great week lady!! :)

  4. hey darling, pip speaking. Your room looks fantastic! How's school! Do you have a mailing address, i'll write you a letter. I hope everything is going well...i'm keeping up with your posts- here and on tumblr. if you can ever make it to nyc we sshould go thrifting!


  5. good use of space! It would be hard figuring out what to take...and move everything like that I imagine! I like your wall as well

  6. You have such a lovely blog! I adore your new space I think you used the room up perfectly and I have always wanted to sleep on a bed like that!

    Ayesha x