My slacker ways are becoming a bit too much; I really need to establish a schedule for blogging so I don't lose the five people who read this (counting family members, lol).
So I've been busy busy these past few weeks, getting my spring schedule set for school, finishing up fall rowing and starting winter conditioning, hanging out with the family on weekends (I'm a terrible college kid, all I want to do is stay home and watch TV with my little brother!). And going to as many high school football games as possible! I feel like I missed out on that part of high school, so I've been catching up on all the crazy sports fueled Friday nights that I can :)
I also went to my little cousin's super sweet sixteen party last Saturday, and I forgot to charge my camera (stupid me) so we had to use a disposable...which I have yet to get developed! It was at this fancy restaurant on Coney Island, NY, and I was channeling the latest Lula in my outfit choice. I got this bustier black velvet and dark blue tulle dress from Anthropologie, and I wore my J Crew polka dot tights so I didn't freeze! If only I had Karen Elson's beautiful red hair :)
I was so tired that night from getting up to row at 4:30, so I don't even remember most of what we did, but I know I had some fun. So: pictures, if they came out, will be up here shortly! Whew!

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